Interview. Mid-term assessment for the mayor of Nuzéjouls: « The crossing of the village, a complex issue. »

l’essentiel Brigitte Dessertaine, maire de Nuzéjouls depuis les dernières municipales, s’inscrit dans la continuité d’une amélioration constante de la qualité de vie des Nuzéjoliens. Elle a fait un bilan, à mi-mandat, de l’équipe en place.

Quels accomplissements avez-vous réalisés depuis que vous avez été élu ?

In relation to our roadmap, we have been able to bury all the networks on the road to La Fontaine, create a city park that is very popular with teenagers as well as families with younger children, and install a lightning rod on the roof of the church. Lower-cost projects but very important for our fellow citizens have also emerged: the implementation of addressing, the creation of a book cabin, and in terms of communication, the installation of eight panels on the outskirts of the village, the creation of a website that has received nothing but compliments, and the continuation of the community newspaper in print once a year.

« We deemed it appropriate to give the floor to the residents… through a public meeting on November 17th. »

Avez-vous d’autres projets qui vous tiennent à cœur ?

Yes, securing the crossing of the town. Some may think that we have been talking about it for a long time but nothing has come to fruition. It is a complex project for which we have sought the expertise of SDAIL. We want to slow down the speed of cars – I would say that is the simplest part – but at the same time find the safest route for pedestrians from one end of this crossing to the other, and finally reorganize the school bus stop. This last point will inevitably involve acquiring land. I will not mention our church, which has been closed for too long in my opinion, but has not found a solution to this day.

Quels sont les événements à venir dans votre commune ?

Since we are halfway through our term, we can assess our actions to date. However, it seemed appropriate to give the floor to the residents so that, after three years in office, they can share their questions or priorities with us. This consultation has been taking place for a few days now, initially through a link on the website. It will be followed by a public meeting at the town hall on November 17th. We were elected based on a program. Just like our fellow elected officials, we have faced many challenges (pandemic, war in Ukraine, economic crisis). It is necessary, as we near the end of our term, to ensure that our priorities still align with theirs.

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