Jean-Luc Marx was elected mayor by his colleagues to lead the city of Cahors on Monday evening.

l’essentielThe games are over. The special city council meeting held on Monday evening at the town hall of Cahors was supposed to elect the new mayor of the city instead of Jean-Marc Vayssouze. He could not, in fact, combine his role as mayor with his newly acquired position as senator. The fortunate elected official is Jean-Luc Marx. The first deputy of the Vayssouze team was overwhelmingly chosen and praised by his colleagues.

C’est donc, Jean-Luc Marx, âgé de 65 ans, seul candidat en lice, qui monte d’un cran et revêt l’écharpe tricolore en tant que nouveau maire de Cahors.

Un véritable plébiscite pour le nouveau maire

He obtained, unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority of votes with 28 in his favor, while there were 4 blank ballots out of a total of 32 voters in the municipal assembly of Cahors.

The former prefect of Lot, from 2009 to 2011, who retired in Cahors and joined the PS majority team during the 2020 elections, has always been seen by Jean-Marc Vayssouze as « a valuable addition, bringing experience and a strong network even at the highest levels. »

A high-level journey with Cahors, which he adores, always on his mind.

After leaving Lot, the new mayor of Cahors first became the prefect of Allier, then in 2012, the prefect of the Réunion region. Two years later, he became the prefect of Seine-et-Marne. Finally, in July 2017, Jean-Luc Marx was appointed prefect of the Grand Est region and the defense and security zone of East and Bas-Rhin. He has never hidden his attraction to Cahors, where he had kept many friends and memories that have touched his heart and mind.

« Une ville fantastique »  

À la question que La Dépêche du Midi lui avait posée en 2011 avant qu’il ne quitte le département : « Quel est l’endroit qui vous a séduit le plus dans le Lot ? », il avait répondu : « Cahors, c’est une ville fantastique. Vous allez sur le mont Saint-Cyr et vous comprenez tout. » Cette vision de carte postale qu’il avait alors évoquée n’avait pas quitté sa mémoire.

On this Monday, once again, Jean-Luc Marx emphasized his « love for Cahors », showing how politics and emotions can shape a career and the character of a man adorned with the tricolor scarf.

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