La députée LFI Sylvie Ferrer dénonce « une campagne répugnante » lors de sa question au gouvernement.

l’essentielThe LFI-Nupes deputy responds in a statement after being targeted following her question to the government regarding French volunteers joining the Israeli army.

« I am the target of a despicable campaign by certain international media regarding my written question on October 3rd to the Minister of Justice, which was then transferred to the Ministry of Defense, about a possible direct or indirect involvement of French citizens in illegal acts by the regular Israeli army. The text of my question is public, on the Assembly’s website, and coincidentally, it was published 4 days before the Hamas attack on civilian population in Israel. And therefore, it has taken on another dimension given the context… »

« I want to denounce the National Rally of Hautes-Pyrénées, which shamelessly exploits the war in the Middle East in a recent statement, targeting me, to further its political agenda. I condemn, like all my colleagues from France Insoumise, the barbarity and cruelty of the war crimes committed by Hamas on October 7th against innocent Israeli families, resulting in 1,500 victims, as well as the detention of 155 hostages, as the President expressed to the French people. There is no ambiguity on my part regarding the necessity to fight against terrorism and the legitimacy of Palestinians to have their own state, as they have been demanding for 75 years. However, I find it dramatic and irresponsible that Emmanuel Macron did not mention the Palestinian civilian victims, who currently number 2,670 and are dying under Israeli bombs in the Gaza territory. Two million people are confined within 360 km2, living in total destitution without water, food, electricity, fuel, or humanitarian corridors. The bloody war crime committed by Hamas does not give the Israeli army a blank check to target the Palestinian civilian population, which does not, for the most part, support Hamas attacks. I expected a strong statement from the President, which he did not make, calling for the implementation of mediation to unanimously demand a ceasefire in order to protect the lives of all civilians and ensure that international law is upheld because justice must come before peace. The international community must enforce it for the coexistence of two states so that the Palestinian and Israeli peoples can live peacefully side by side. »

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