Labastide-Saint-Pierre. Les élus de la communauté en action

The community officials have returned to the field after this busy start of the year where there are many issues to address for the entire territory. Recently, a council of the Grand Sud Tarn-et-Garonne community of municipalities discussed various essential topics for the development of different municipalities within the community space. The officials focused on crucial subjects that demonstrate the numerous responsibilities assigned to the public establishment. Regarding spatial planning, they addressed the validation of final preliminary project studies and the launch of the company consultation for the energy renovation of the Grisolles media library. In terms of tourism, they approved the allocation of subsidies for the territory’s tourism activities in 2023. For the GSL ZAC, they signed contracts for the road construction works section and a service agreement between GSTG and the Departmental Waste Syndicate for wood cutting. It was also decided to transfer lots in Bourret and the Arnautoux ZAE to SAS BAM Investissements and SAS Aviconseil.

Territoires dynamiques

The mayors of the various municipalities in the community were able to discuss important topics during this period at the beginning of the school year, which is always conducive to providing the necessary energy for the realization of common projects. Regarding environmental issues, they focused on the 2022 report that establishes the price and quality of waste collection, treatment, and recovery services.

Notons également l’attribution du marché pour la création de cinquante-quatre points d’apports volontaires répartis sur douze sites et cinq communes.

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