Le CBA débloque son compteur

This time, the CBA quickly took control by significantly dominating the first quarter (25-16).

If La Roche held on in the second (19-22) and third (17-18), CBA maintained its lead and finished the match better (25-21).

The people of Cognac will be able to relax next weekend. Before going to challenge La Séguinière (Maine-et-Loire) in two weeks, the seventh. Then, they will host Orléans (B) on November 4th for another decisive match in the battle to avoid relegation.

Pierrick Hardy, coach of the CBA, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s victory. He highlighted their strong performance in the first quarter, particularly their unusual success in three-point shots. Defensively, there was improvement, although they are not yet perfect. They faced penalties, especially in the interior sector, where three players had four fouls. The coach praised the good effort from all the players but acknowledged that there is still room for improvement. They faced some challenges in the second quarter, losing four consecutive balls. However, defensively, they showed more determination. Hardy plans to build on this performance for future games and looks forward to their upcoming match in La Séguinière with the aim of winning.

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