Le pied-de-nez du Nobel aux antivax

Quel magnifique pied-de-nez que celui fait lundi par le comité Nobel aux antivax, covido-sceptiques et autres complotistes qui déversent leur fiel et leur défiance, depuis trois ans, contre les avancées de la science et de la médecine. Alors que débute en France, cette semaine, la nouvelle campagne de vaccination contre le coronavirus, la Hongroise Katalin Kariko et l’Américain Drew Weissman ont été récompensés pour leurs découvertes « révolutionnaires ». Et essentielles au développement et à la fabrication à grande échelle de sérums ARN pendant la pandémie de 2020.

The recently awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine to the two researchers is the culmination of an adventure that began in 1990. It is proof that the vaccination policies implemented during the height of the crisis were not based on last-minute discoveries by some unknown doctor, as claimed by a group of conspiracy theorists alleging an orchestrated poisoning by alleged occult powers, but rather on a rational approach.

Certainly, in France as elsewhere, the strategy of the authorities against a novel virus due to its contagiousness and danger was marked by dysfunction, fueling a sense of mistrust and even panic, as confessed by former Health Minister Agnès Buzyn. However, none of these mishaps can justify the deviations and speculations of Dr. Raoult’s followers, the Marseille advocate of hydroxychloroquine who dreams of a Nobel Prize but will never achieve it. Their repugnant theories will likely continue to thrive, especially on social media where there will always be gullible minds willing to believe them. By recognizing the work on messenger RNA, the Nobel committee puts an end to all unnecessary controversies surrounding anti-Covid vaccines.

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