Les petits carnets du poufre sétois : et si Sète candidatait pour les J.O. d’hiver 2030 ?

Every Monday, he puts his suction cups on the local news. On October 16th, he finds amusement in the presence of two ski clubs on the unique island.

Paul Valéry was certainly not mistaken when he described the island where our national octopus roams as « unique ». This island may one day formalize its twinning with Nagano or Lillehammer.

For the past few days, Sète and the Thau basin have gained two ski clubs! The Thau Riders Club has just entered the scene to challenge, in a sporting manner of course, the historic Ski club of Sète on the equally historic descent of Mount Saint-Clair.

On the way to the 2030 Olympics?

Who remembers that just a decade ago, a few ski enthusiasts imported snow to Sète? Who recalls the skier who, during the snowy episode of 2018, launched himself from Notre-Dame de la Salette? Finally, it should be noted that the European leader in used skiing equipment has settled… at the aquatechnic park!

When we know that the Russians organized the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, by the sea, and that the future Asian Winter Games will be held in the Saudi desert, one wonders why Sète wouldn’t submit its candidacy for the 2030 Olympics! Stay tuned…

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