L’UBJ revient bredouille et déçue du Pays basque

It is these players who score the first points right away (3-0; 3rd minute). The immediate incursion into the Basque team’s territory by the visitors results in a missed penalty, and then their lack of discipline allows the home team to take their turn in the opposing camp. The defense is vigilant, manages to recover some balls, but cannot prevent a Basque attack from scoring near the goalposts (10-0; 17th minute).

The visitors, not at all discouraged, react strongly and score twice in the promised land (21st, 24th, 10-14). Just as quickly, the locals react to equalize the score (13-14; 29th). But it is the visitors who show a power that proves to be rewarding (13-19; 37th). The locals immediately react to regain the advantage just before halftime (20-19; 39th).

“Rebondir contre Tulle »

At the restart, UBJ initiates a significant action, but Nabti is pushed out of bounds on the line. It’s only postponed, and after several plays, the visitors regain the score (20-24; 50th minute).

The back and forth continues and the Basques regain the lead with a collective action (27-24; 52nd minute). The visitors equalize once again (27-27; 57th minute), but their hopes of victory are quickly shattered when the Nafartars pull ahead with a penalty (62nd minute) and then score another impressive try (37-27; 65th minute).

Galvanisés, les Basques récidivent rapidement (42-27 ; 69e). Les dernières minutes sont tout à leur avantage. C’est une amère désillusion pour les Charentais qui repartent sans un point, comme le confirme Guillaume Singer, leur deuxième ligne : « On est déçus de revenir de Nafarroa sans un point. On n’a pas su rester constant sur la totalité du match. On a réussi à prendre un peu le dessus devant, mais voilà, bravo à Nafarroa, bravo à leur état d’esprit de ne jamais rien lâcher. Le but est de bien rebondir contre Tulle la semaine prochaine chez nous. »

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