Macron en Lot-et-Garonne : la CR 47 a pu lui parler

l’essentielThe co-chairs of CR 47 were able to get in touch with President Macron during his official visit to Lot-et-Garonne.

The rural coordination of Lot-et-Garonne (CR 47) has achieved its goal: to directly convey the message to Emmanuel Macron. The President has been in Lot-et-Garonne since this morning for an official visit. The agricultural union was determined to speak to him. During his visit to the town hall in Clairac between noon and two o’clock, Karine Duc and José Perez, co-presidents of CR 47, were able to address Macron. He stopped to listen.

« We handed him our demands in person. He took them. We discussed our request to maintain the tax exemption for professional fuel (GNR), » explains Karine Duc. « He mentioned considering the idea of a time delay for foreign competing products when we are in full production. » They also mentioned labor concerns. « We asked him to help us with hiring. » Tonight, a video conference is scheduled with the Ministry of Agriculture for CR 47 to outline their demands.

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