MerciYanis, a proptech company, has already achieved profitability and continues to attract investors with ambitious plans.

A small achievement that could make many envious. Four years after its creation, the Toulouse-based startup MerciYanis is already profitable. « We reached the breakeven point in the first semester of 2023, » says Guillaume Blanc, the co-founder of the young company located within the IoT Valley. Founded in 2019 with Elise Applanat, the company already has nearly 200 clients (Danone, TF1, Galeries Lafayette, EDF Fnac-Darty, Société Générale, etc), managing a total of three million square meters. The company has notably signed a major contract with WeWork to equip 19 coworking buildings in one week.

To attract such a panel, the startup offers a SaaS platform on the market, which is presented aspermet de gérer et d’organiser la maintenance et le nettoyage des espaces de travail.« I cannot reword »

« We have benefited from the health crisis, which has established new cleanliness standards to secure the premises and reassure employees, with a need for traceability. Additionally, we are rapidly expanding because we are also being marketed by cleaning companies, who are also our users. Thanks to sensors and attendance forecasts, their intervention teams can distribute their efforts differently depending on the days, » commented the CEO.

Cette nouveauté a poussé l’entreprise MerciYanis a réorganisé son équipe commerciale en deux parties distinctes, avec une dédiée aux clients finaux et une seconde allouée aux entreprises de nettoyage.

Des nouveaux investisseurs

In the next 12 months, this sales team will increase from four to eight members. To achieve this, the Toulouse-based company, which will soon be moving to the Data Valley, has just completed a fundraising of 2.7 million euros. « We were much more comfortable in the discussions thanks to our profitability, » Guillaume Blanc does not hide.

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Ce nouveau tour de table permet à MerciYanis d’accueillir en investisseur leader le fonds régional Irdi Capital Investissement, accompagné de WinEquity, 50Partners et des business angels. « Grâce à l’utilisation d’IoT, les salariés deviennent acteurs de leur environnement au bureau, et interagissent en temps réel avec les services généraux qui peuvent répondre rapidement et plus efficacement à leurs demandes », a réagi par communiqué Cécile Bassot, la cofondatrice de WinEquity, pour justifier son investissement.

This is the second time that the Toulouse-based startup has impressed investors. In 2021, it raised one million euros from BPI France and investment vehicle Ocseed, which brings together the Occitanie region and regional banks, in the form of convertible bonds. Currently, both entities still hold shares in MerciYanis, despite the arrival of these new investors. « It was too early to exit them, » admits Guillaume Blanc.

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Le besoin d’expérience dans ses rangs

With this new round of funding, the proptech company plans to speed up its growth and expand further. In addition to doubling its sales teams, MerciYanis will also double its tech teams, going from five to ten computer engineers in the near future. Currently employing 17 staff members, the company will soon have around thirty employees thanks to this financial contribution.

We will enhance our software to connect it to even more devices. In addition, we will now collaborate with artificial intelligence to offer predictive maintenance and usability cleanliness. In the upcoming year, our focus will be on software development and the French clientele.

After reaching a turnover of 770,000 euros in 2022, MerciYanis hopes for a multiplier coefficient of two or even three for the year 2023. By 2025, the Toulouse-based company aims to achieve a turnover of ten million euros and have 75 employees.

« We require senior computer engineers to achieve our goals. We need to surround ourselves with experienced individuals who have already experienced this scale-up and who will make the right technical choices in crucial moments. Currently, the average age of our team is 26, and we are aware that we have reached a certain glass ceiling, » Guillaume Blanc concludes.

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