Miremont. La place Carretier en réfection

The Carretier square, located in front of the town hall and the media library, is currently undergoing complete renovation. This is the first major permeability project carried out in the municipality. The violence and frequency of climatic events (storms and heavy rainfall, the strength of which is generally unpredictable) have led state services to strongly encourage the implementation of new projects with maximum permeability to avoid or at least minimize the risk of flooding. There is no call for external companies, as the project is entirely carried out by the municipal technical services. The installation of sidewalks bordering the entire square is almost complete, and the pathway leading from the top of the stairs to the town hall is finished, with beige-colored paving stones to blend in with the overall town hall and media library design.

Coming soon are green spaces with trees, shrubs, and lawns, including a homemade integrated watering system that is particularly water-efficient. The installation of urban furniture, such as benches and trash cans, will follow according to an upcoming estimate. The delivery to the public is scheduled by the end of the year, depending on the weather conditions, which so far have not hindered the construction work overseen by Jean-Louis Ramos, deputy mayor in charge of roads, youth, and sports. A drop-off zone and a designated area for people with reduced mobility will also be created.

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