Prayssac. Le dynamisme de tous met la commune en avant

After a busy start in Prayssac, I had a meeting with the mayor, Fabienne Sigaud.

Que pensez-vous de cette rentrée ?

This late September and early autumn has been eventful in the municipality, thanks to the work done by volunteers, associations, colleges, schools, CCVLV, the municipality, agents, and elected officials. This is also what we want to do at the community of municipalities and at my level for Prayssac: to have attractive municipalities and highlight all our assets for young people, children, and active individuals who see the benefits of living in our region. I am delighted to see the success of the employment forum, which attracted over 400 young college students from Prayssac and the surrounding areas.

The Santamaria exhibition was also a highlight of this return…

The municipality has made all necessary efforts to seek support, sponsors, and also by hiring an art critic expert and bringing a delegation from Saragosse. It is important to me that children have easy access to culture; 500 young people attended the exhibition. It is also an opportunity in the age of social media: here in Prayssac, in our territory of the Lot Valley and vineyards, we can also create major events that will interest the youth and hopefully encourage them to settle in the area, inspire them to create and undertake ventures.

Est-ce qu’il y a eu d’autres événements importants ?

Indeed, Pink October attracted over 600 participants. Despite the situation, the prevailing gloom, and international events…, in the end, people are present to move forward. Last week, the FDAC came to Prayssac to present the local commerce day on October 14th for the department. Soon, the Ciné Délices festival has chosen Prayssac to organize three days of art-house cinema this autumn on November 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

I really want to thank the schools, colleges, directors, principals, and teachers who actively participated and contributed greatly to the Santamaria Forum with tangible actions.

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