Pro D2 : le pilier biterrois Francisco Fernandes assure « qu’en Pro D2, chaque ruck, c’est la guerre »

Returning to his ASBH team last week, the Portuguese international prop will be a substitute this Friday evening (7:30 pm) in Aix-en-Provence.

The pillar of Portugal’s selection believes that his team from Béziers has made progress in a championship that he considers more balanced.

Comment s’est déroulé votre retour à Béziers après la Coupe du monde ?

This return has been easy for me as I have been in Béziers for a long time. It is nice to come back to a confident team.

What would you say if you had to compare the team to last season’s team?

She has evolved. In front, we are making more passes, trying to keep the ball alive and transform the game with our new pivot that brings an added advantage. When all the connections are made, we will score a lot more tries, there will be more soaring!

Are there no more soaring moments like those seen in Portugal’s training?

It is true that in this team, everyone plays their part. It’s a different kind of rugby. When we come back here, we realize that we make fewer passes. We return to the reality of Pro D2.
At the international level, rucks are less contested, there are fewer battles but a lot more gameplay. In Pro D2, every ruck is a war! So naturally, the balls are slowed down. One or two more passes, sometimes that would be good. But it will come.

Is ASBH in its rightful place?

At the moment, we are there. Now we need to go win an away match. We are in the middle of the table, ready and waiting.

Does this match in Aix belong to the objectives?

All away matches are considered as goals because there aren’t really any teams above. It’s more balanced. This Pro D2 is open.

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