Rodez. Le PS aveyronnais organise sa « Fête de la rose »

This is a tradition that is not lost, despite much more glorious periods. After a last edition in 2019, in the presence of Olivier Faure, the Socialist Party of Aveyron is organizing its « Fête de la rose » again this year. It will take place this Saturday at the Druelle community hall. With a special guest, Chloé Ridel, spokesperson for the national Socialist Party and author of the book « From one war to another, Europe facing its destiny ». Due to current events, the workshops of the day at the Druelle community hall will also focus on the Old Continent.

Divers ateliers

The Aveyron activists and supporters – just over 200 members in the department – will also discuss the following topics: « Women’s issues, then and now », « Neither for nor against, quite the opposite: let’s reconnect with the people »… A picnic will also liven up the day before speeches are given in the late afternoon. Several local party figures are expected to participate in this reunion. Among them, we could mention the mayor of Millau and regional councillor, Emmanuelle Gazel, the vice-president of the Region, Stéphane Bérard, or the departmental secretary of the Socialist Party and departmental councillor, Bertrand Cavalerie.

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