Rodrigo Arenas, l’Insoumis qui tient tête à Jean-Luc Mélenchon

l’essentiel Rodrigo Arenas s’est désolidarisé des propos du leader de LFI au sujet du Hamas.

In the restaurants near the National Assembly this week, everyone was talking about him. Just a few days ago, his name was unknown in the Parisian political scene. However, Rodrigo Arenas, a member of the Insoumis party, made a name for himself this week by opposing… Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

In a letter sent on Monday to his group colleagues, the Parisian representative criticizes the statements made by the former presidential candidate regarding the Hamas attack on Israel: « The righteousness of anti-colonial causes and the rejection of oppressions lose their legitimacy the day they accept the massacres of civilians and blind terrorism as acceptable military strategies. »

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« If the victims lose their humanity in our eyes because they are on the wrong side of the oppressor-oppressed border, then it is all of humanity that is being murdered, » says the deputy from Paris. Well-known in the education world for having been at the head of the first federation of parents’ associations, FCPE, which is marked on the left, this son of Chilean refugees also reacted on Friday to the assassination of a teacher in Arras: « When an institution, a student, a parent, or a teacher is attacked, it is the entire France that is being attacked. »

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