Saint-Jean. Un chef de cabinet local pour l’INP de Toulouse

Jusqu’alors chargé de mission communication sur le projet de Centrale Toulouse Institut, Yannick Lacoste a été nommé chef de cabinet de Toulouse INP au 1er octobre.

L’homme n’est pas inconnu sur la ville de Saint-Jean, où il est adjoint au maire en charge des solidarités. Parallèlement à ses fonctions électives, Yannick Lacoste a une vie professionnelle dense puisqu’il vient d’être nommé chef de cabinet de Toulouse INP (Institut national polytechnique).

For your information, Toulouse INP consists of 6 prestigious engineering schools and has nearly 7,000 students who receive nationally and internationally recognized high-quality education.

As the chief of staff, Yannick Lacoste aims to address this « new challenge » by « actively participating in implementing the internal and external institutional policies that align with the goals of the presidency. »

When asked if there are any similarities between his role as chief of staff and that of an elected official, he responds that « both functions are guided by similar regulatory frameworks, thus belonging to the same philosophy. »

And to conclude: « whether it is within Toulouse INP or at the Saint-Jean city hall, the aim is to support the public policies decided in the first case by the president of INP and in the other case by the mayor of the city, Bruno Espic. In both cases, the focus is always on serving the public. »

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