Sémalens. Le conseil municipal jeunes a été élu

On Friday, October 13th, there was a palpable tension at the Sémalens school. Indeed, half of the members of the youth council needed to be renewed. The students from CE2, CM1, and CM2 were called to vote for the candidates who were classmates in CM1 and were running for a two-year term. Upon reflection: « It’s like the election of senators, only half of the CMJ is being renewed. »

During the 15 days leading up to the election date, the 5 young candidates displayed their statements of belief in the voting room. The ideas of the young people were diverse and varied. Some believed in planting trees and installing additional benches for the elderly, while others advocated for organizing intergenerational events and restarting the collection of bottle caps.

After presenting their voter card to the three assessors, the voters can finally insert their ballot into the ballot box. At the end of the counting, the names of the lucky winners are announced in the three classes. They are Adèle Manadas, Diego Batut, Lina Yacoub, and Lokelanie Burns. These new members of the municipal council will join those who are starting their second term, namely Ulysse Cointault, Sacha Bachet, Luna Joulié, and Kaylian Filaquier.

On November 8th, the youth municipal team will be inaugurated into their roles and the mayor and deputy mayors of the CMJ will be elected.

Un grand merci a Maeva Dicop, secrétaire de mairie, pour sa belle organisation.

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