The city is selling two plots of land for two future projects: synthetic kerosene production and a healthcare facility.

l’essentielDuring the last session of the municipal council, several issues were voted on by the elected officials, including land sales.

The city of Lannemezan has decided to sell land. Resolutions to this effect were voted on during the last municipal council meeting, including the transfer of those located in the Peyrehitte 4 area to the company Hylann. Hylann is a collaboration between Qair and DH2 and is responsible for the development of a green hydrogen production facility in the municipality of Lannemezan.

Bernard Plano has outlined the terms of the transaction: « A sales agreement was reached on October 26, 2022, which grants the company ownership of the targeted land as stated in the resolution. In the context of the development of the project, in a context of decarbonization of air transport, partnerships have been formed between Qair and aircraft manufacturers. The need for synthetic kerosene, e-SAF, derived from a combination of green hydrogen and CO2, is a major challenge for the coming years. » The original project was based on a production of e-SAF in reduced volumes, but due to the envisioned partnerships, production has been considered on an industrial scale and the land requirement has therefore been revised: « The requirement indeed increases from 9 hectares to 22 hectares, and after discussions with representatives from Qair, in order to further develop this project, it is necessary to secure the company and its partners regarding land mobilization. »

The mayor has been authorized by the city council to sign a new agreement and proceed with the sale of a 223541 m2 area, while maintaining the price of €11 per m2 that had already been approved by a resolution in 2022, a price in line with France Domaine’s estimation. In order to secure this important transaction for the city, the municipality has extended the clause allowing the city to reclaim the land if the project does not materialize within 5 years from the signing of the final deed to all parcels. An advance payment of €300,000 to the municipality is planned, with €150,000 paid upon signing the agreement and €150,000 one year later, on the anniversary date. « If the sale does not reach completion due to one of the suspensive clauses specified in the agreement, then the municipality will refund the aforementioned advance payment to the buyer, but for any other reason, the advance payment will be retained by the municipality. »

Another land sale on the agenda is the one that will allow the creation of a Multidisciplinary Health Center, for a sum of 130,000€: « The city has been engaged in discussions with a group of independent practitioners for several months, who wish to create this facility near the city center. After studying several land proposals, a communal plot seems suitable for this project, located above the LIDL store, with an area of 6,114 m2. The valuation by Domines as of last March amounts to 130,000€ for the entire plot. »

Cette Maison de Santé sera constituée d’une plateforme dédiée  à des activités de kiné, ostéo ou encore dentiste ainsi que l’aménagement d’un plateau sportif qui permettrait une prise en charge de santé adaptée à chacun et la plus complète possible.

Two sales that will boost the cash flow of the city of Lannemezan.

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