The government intends to reassess the files of radicalized individuals and promises to be « relentless towards those who embody hatred. »

Emmanuel Macron a demandé ce lundi 16 octobre aux préfets de passer au peigne fin le fichier des radicalisés expulsables. Le président de la République « demande un état impitoyable envers tous ceux qui portent la haine et des idéologies terroristes ».

Three days after the knife attack at a high school in Arras, which left three injured and claimed the life of a literature teacher, Emmanuel Macron requested on Monday, October 16th, to assess the level of terrorist threat in France.

According to Franceinfo, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, is expected to send a circular to all prefects in France, asking them to review the files of individuals registered in the database for the prevention of terrorist radicalization (FSPRT).

S’assurer qu’il n’y ait pas eu d’oubli 

The goal is to compile a list of all foreign radicalized individuals who could be expelled from France to ensure that there have been no oversights in the examination of procedures. This includes their background, level of radicalization, potential for carrying out actions, and their administrative status.

Prefects have been instructed to initiate all procedures for requesting consular passes in order to expel the relevant radicalized individuals « as quickly as possible ».

Plus de 5 000 personnes fichées radicalisées

According to Gérald Darmanin, the FSPRT consists of approximately 5,100 individuals, mostly French citizens, but also includes foreigners who are either in a regular or irregular situation.

The Minister of Interior has requested the « identification of individuals who are dangerous throughout the national territory, the systematic withdrawal of residence permits for foreigners, and the systematic expulsion of any foreigner (…) deemed dangerous by intelligence services. »

« The state will be relentless with those who embody hatred, » stated the Élysée.

Les jeunes originaires du Caucase sous surveillance

The circular also includes a discussion about the implementation of a specific system for monitoring young men from the Caucasus region, aged 16 to 25, who have shown a significant level of radicalization.

L’origine ingouche de Mohamed Mogouchkov, l’assaillant d’Arras, et tchétchène de l’assassin de Samuel Paty n’est évidemment pas étrangère à cette demande. 

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