The mayor of Beaucaire, who belongs to the National Rally party, responds to the decision of the Council of State regarding the substitute meal at the canteen.

The issue of removing substitute meals in school cafeterias by the National Rally municipality of Beaucaire dates back to 2018.

On Wednesday, October 11th, Julien Sanchez, the mayor of the National Rally in Beaucaire, was dismissed by the Council of State in the case of pork-free substitute meals being removed from the cafeteria.

Another legal development in this case, which dates back to 2018 but does not bring peace of mind to the elected official from Beaucaire. When questioned by Midi Libre on Saturday, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the nautical base, he discusses…« une délibération du conseil municipal attaquée, sans fondement, qui remonte à plusieurs années ».

Le maire indique qu’il avait pris une autre délibération avec cette fois-ci les motivations qui l’amènent à ne pas mettre en place de repas de substitution : « If I do it, the municipality must allocate 2 million euros to install self-service options in the canteens. I have submitted a grant application and it was included in the budget in December 2022. However, if the government is willing to provide financial support… »

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