The mayor of Saint-Jory has been indicted: members of his team are forming a list for the December elections.

l’essentiel Surprise. Plusieurs élus de la liste du maire mis en examen, Thierry Fourcassier, dont certains siègent toujours au conseil malgré une pléiade d’affaires, ont annoncé constituer une liste pour les élections municipales anticipées du 3 décembre. Ils ont même nommé un chef de file.

The mayor’s team in Saint-Jory wasted no time in showing their determination to hold onto control of the city, despite the numerous scandals that have plagued the town and the indictment of the mayor and his deputy for « passive corruption ». On Sunday, market day, Thierry Fourcassier was surrounded by some of his team members who have decided to form a list for the anticipated election on December 3rd. They made this announcement on Monday through a flyer, which also revealed the name of the list’s leader. Emmanuel Martins has been honored with the responsibility of leading 31 candidates, including at least ten who are currently part of the majority and still hold positions.

They should apologize instead!

Emmanuel Martins explains that these « elections should not be a referendum, against or in favor of Thierry Fourcassier »…that Saint-Jory deserves to « have a municipal team concerned about its future » and that the « objective is to give a new direction to Saint-Jory »…The candidate also writes that the « coming months should be dedicated to a healthy management of the municipality and a serious assessment ». And also: « the nearly three years that separate us from 2026 will allow us to take care of our city, our associations, our employees, and you, both new and old residents ».

These statements do not leave anyone indifferent, especially after the numerous revelations made in recent months and especially considering the current situation of the city, led by a part of the mayor’s team. At the beginning of the year, unpaid invoices to suppliers amounting to 1.7 million euros were identified, and their current status is unknown. The original budget, on the other hand, shows a deficit of one million euros. It was rejected by the prefect, and the rapid urbanization is causing frustration among many residents. Finally, a new investigation has been opened against the mayor, still related to developers, for corruption… The headline of Monday’s Dépêche, which described a city adrift, was apparently not exaggerated.

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Despite everything, the numerous cases do not prohibit a presence in the upcoming election. It is just a matter of morality, as pointed out by Victor Denouvion, an opposition elected official who has not yet declared his candidacy but immediately reacted to his opponent’s statement.« Ils sont ceux qui, avec Thierry Fourcassier, ont conduit la commune dans le mur. La décence aurait mérité qu’ils s’excusent auprès des Saint-Joryens et qu’ils se fassent oublier quelque temps ». This will not be the case. Just like the departmental delegate.du RNJulien Leonardelli has announced his intention to also form a list.

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