The municipal council of L’Isle-Jourdain has elected new councilors and a deputy.

l’essentielDuring the last municipal council meeting, a new councilor and a new deputy were elected.

The municipal council of L’Isle-Jourdain gathered at the town hall to deliberate and also to welcome a new municipal councilor and a new deputy. Indeed, Delphine Collin, deputy in charge of social affairs, has moved for professional reasons and submitted her resignation as deputy to the prefect and as municipal councilor to the mayor. Brigitte Dirat, next on the mayor’s electoral list, has replaced her on the municipal council.

Celui-ci a alors désigné Géraldine Larrue-Boiziot comme 3eShe will replace Delphine Collin in the various positions she held. Therefore, she has been appointed as a representative on the board of directors of Accueil Partage Initiative (API) in Gascogne, elected delegate to the board of directors of the dependent adult hospital facility (Ehpad) Saint-Jacques, designated representative within the private college Notre-Dame Le Clos Fleuri, responsible for the youth council, member of the community thematic commission « early childhood, youth » and member of the « social action » commission.

Des aides et des subventions

Denise Touzet is appointed as a member of the « social inclusion » commission, while Eric Bizard is appointed as an administrator within the board of the communal center for social action (CCAS).

The assembly members discussed various topics related to general affairs, intercommunality, and the budget. The elected officials voted for aid to the victims of earthquakes in Morocco, weather disasters in Libya, and grants for associations.

The environment and land issues were also discussed. The human resources department presented several deliberations, including one on the personal training account, a decision that was approved and appreciated by Vanessa Furlan from the opposition, who made a remark about it, highlighting that the human resources aspect was being updated and regulated, and she was the first one satisfied with it, especially regarding the personal training account.

Les échanges se sont terminés à 21 h 20. La vidéo du conseil municipal est enregistrée sur le site de la mairie, rubrique « vie municipale ».

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