The Senate’s charm offensive towards mayors in Aveyron.

l’essentielVisit of Gérard Larcher. Gathered for their 8th congress in Rignac, the mayors of Aveyron have found a powerful ally in the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher. Indeed, he has positioned himself as a strong advocate for rural areas and decentralization, offering his full support to the Aveyron elected officials, who greatly appreciated it.

Last Thursday at the André Jarlan space in Rignac, the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, won over the approximately 250 mayors of Aveyron with his quick wit and well-placed humor. They were gathered for the 8th Congress of Mayors and Presidents of Aveyron Communities (and the 80th anniversary of the Mayors’ Association), chaired by Jean-Marc Calvet, the president of the association and current mayor of Rignac. Prior to Gérard Larcher’s anticipated speech, the president of the Aveyron Mayors’ Association expressed his full support for the Israeli people, who have been victims of the brutality of Hamas, which he described as a « crime against humanity ».

Regarding this, he observed a minute of silence in memory of the victims. Then he did not hide his pleasure in receiving the President of the Senate: « You have been the mayor of Rambouillet for 28 years, and today you preside over the High Assembly for which you have been reelected for the 5th time. Sincere congratulations! On behalf of all mayors, I would like to express our gratitude for your presence, » he thanked. He also thanked Mr. Marc and Mr. Anglars, the two senators from Aveyron who were responsible for his visit to Aveyron. In turn, the president of the departmental council, Arnaud Viala, and the Prefect Charles Giusti took the floor to discuss the hot topics of the department.

The first person, turning to the President of the Senate, said: « It is a great honor to welcome you, Gérard Larcher. You arrived in Rodez by plane, know that this route is one of our major concerns. Just like the N88. But I believe in it because the mobilization is unanimous and carries this ambition strongly… »

Gérard Larcher needed to reassure the latter, promising to do everything possible (including discussing it with the Prime Minister) to make it happen as soon as possible. « The State will be present in the context of mobility, » he promised. Prefect Charles Giusti said he was particularly happy to be there: « I salute the mayors and their commitment. I am aware of your difficulties. Be aware that the State is with you. »

Then came the turn of the guest of honor of this day. « I am happy to be among you. It is with pleasure that I have positively responded to your call, » he declared. « We believe that it is necessary to trust local elected officials. Intercommunalities must be spaces for projects, » he confidently stated. Advocating for decentralization (« we must give a new impetus to decentralization, » said Gérard Larcher, who submitted a report to the President of the Republic), he also mentioned the burden and « avalanche of regulations that complicate the work of elected officials and paralyze the country. We need to find a path to simplification. We must put the mayor at the heart of decisions, especially those regarding renewable energies. »

And to go over the topics of concern before answering the mayors’ questions. At the end of the session, Gérard Larcher was spoiled with gifts labeled « Made in Aveyron », such as a Laguiole knife offered by the mayor of the town, leather gloves from Millau, Roquefort cheese from a small producer in Rignac, and even flour from Jean-Marc Calvet’s mill…

C’est un Gérard Larcher visiblement comblé par tant d’égards qui prit ensuite le chemin de Baraqueville pour l’inauguration de la salle du conseil municipal, avant de visiter le musée Soulages à Rodez.

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