Télécoms : Free va lancer une nouvelle box haut de gamme

C’est aux fans de la marque, les « Freenautes », qu’il a réservé la primeur de l’annonce. Le 30 septembre dernier, lors de la « journée des communautés Free » au siège parisien de l’opérateur, Xavier Niel a annoncé le lancement d’une nouvelle box, comme l’a indiqué le site Universfreebox.

ÀThe Tribune confirms that it will be a high-end Freebox V9. It will be available for sale by the end of the year. It will likely appear in catalogs before Christmas, which is always a prime time for operators to sell their subscriptions and products. However, Free refuses to disclose the price of this new box.

Se relancer sur le créneau du haut de gamme

This should allow the « telecom disruptor » to make a comeback in the high-end market. Currently, they are present in this segment through their Freebox Delta. However, it did not achieve the expected success. Launched in early December 2018, this box was not cheap – it was initially sold starting from 59.99 euros per month – and it represented a revolution for the operator, who has historically built its success on low-priced offers. It was notably sold with a Devialet speaker. However, this was not enough to attract a large number of customers. Last June, Free even decided to withdraw its high-end speaker from sale.

However, the operator has shown very strong commercial performance since the beginning of the year. In the first semester, its sales in France increased by 7.7%, reaching over 2.9 billion euros. The group gained 128,000 new mobile subscribers and 42,000 fixed internet clients. With its new premium box, Free is demonstrating its determination to compete in the high-end segment and intends to outperform its rivals Orange, SFR, and Bouygues Telecom.

Pierre Manière

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