Trail : coup dur pour le Vailhanais Antoine Guillon forfait pour le Grand Raid de la Réunion

Victime d’une chute à l’entraînement alors qu’il reconnaissait une portion du Grand Raid de la Réunion, le Vailhanais Antoine Guillon s’est fracturé l’humérus.

Antoine Guillon was prepared and motivated like never before for his 16th participation in the Grand Raid de la Réunion. Unfortunately, the Vailhanais will not be able to start the 31st edition of the race. The ultra trail runner had to withdraw due to a fall while he was scouting a section of the course (Kalaa), resulting in a left arm injury. After being transported to the emergency room, it was determined that he has a fracture in his humerus.

« Une épreuve à surmonter »

ne pouvait pas rewordI will not be participating in the Grand Raid this year, that’s how it is. However, the great preparation for this season has brought me a lot of joy, often with dear friends. I see it as a challenge to overcome, the foundation of the ultra, I would say.

Antoine Guillon est indéniablement de bonne humeur, comme en témoigne sa déclaration :« To begin, I will walk calmly, Anne (his wife, Editor’s note) will be happy, and then the stages will follow until I meet you on the trails. Good race to everyone, and don’t worry, I look ahead, my spirits are strong! »

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