Une minute de silence sera observée pour commencer la séance du conseil municipal de Balma.

l’essentielThe mayor, Vincent Terrail-Novès, denounced the Hamas terrorist attack during the municipal council meeting.

On Thursday, the municipal council of Balma began with an opening statement from Mayor Vincent Terrail-Novès regarding the deadly attack suffered by Israel less than a week before. « It was not an attack between two armies, it was a terrorist attack by Hamas, which is a nebulous, jihadist, and Islamist organization that targeted civilians, children, women, and young people who were celebrating, » emphasized the mayor. He also reminded everyone, « I immediately condemned this act and expressed my personal support to the people of Israel and the State of Israel. A terrorist group targeted a population that shares our values and represents the only democracy in the Middle East. »

« I cannot reword »

Afterwards, the elected officials observed a minute of silence. Following this, the mayor gave the floor to Jean-François Robic, an opposition municipal councilor from Balma solidaire et innovante.

« I cannot reword »

After completing this lengthy preamble, the municipal council discussed the 24 items on the agenda.

Autant de délibérations souvent techniques, relatives à l’administration, aux éclairages publics, aux finances…

The mayor was pleased with the positive opinion given to a grant application for the creation of a communal green theater, submitted under a metropolitan contribution fund, based on the criterion of « vegetation and de-impermeabilization ». Therefore, Toulouse metropolis participated in the funding of this space attached to the city hall.

« Il a été accordé une subvention de 84 660 € dans ce contexte. Je tiens à souligner que le coût total du théâtre de verdure s’élève à 339 438 € TTC », précisait Vincent Terrail-Novès.

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