Utilisation du 49.3 pour faire passer le budget : « Un affront au législateur, un déni de démocratie », pour les élus Écologistes

l’essentielOn Wednesday, October 18, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced the use of Article 49.3 of the Constitution to pass the first part of the 2024 finance bill, which focuses on revenue. This method is strongly denounced by the Green Party representatives. Christine Arrighi, who is the deputy of the 9th constituency of Haute-Garonne and the leader of the Greens on this issue.

Quelle est votre opinion suite à l’application de l’article 49.3 de la Constitution concernant la partie des revenus du projet de loi de finance 2024 ?

The government is aware that it will no longer pass any finance bills directly as it only has a relative majority. And they had warned us that they would use Article 49.3 very early in the examination of this finance bill. Therefore, our amendments cannot be debated either in committee or in public session. In addition to Article 49.3, the government is using and abusing all the possibilities offered to them by the Fifth Republic: control of the agenda, blocked votes, accelerated procedures, etc. It is a constant affront to the legislature, a true denial of democracy.

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Quelle est la raison pour laquelle vous n’avez pas approuvé le budget proposé par le gouvernement ?

Because we believe it is necessary to adopt a budget that prioritizes the ecological dimension. Because the ecological divide is also a social divide. It is the same people who bear the cost of energy inefficient homes, pollution, the dismantling of public services… Liberal policies, which are exclusively aimed at benefiting businesses, neglect to serve those who are most in need.

Quelle est la position des Ecologistes alors que le PC et le PS se sont éloignés de la Nupes ?

We were elected based on a program co-constructed by this coalition of the left and the environmentalists. We have a responsibility towards our voters that revolves around the four components of the Nupes. That is why we have issued a call for the organization of a general assembly of all 151 left and environmentalist deputies, in order to overcome our divisions and build the future.

Vous serez dans le Tarn, ce samedi, aux côtés des opposants à la construction de l’autoroute A69 reliant Toulouse à Castres…

We want to build a highway that runs alongside national road 126, part of which is already a 2×2 lane and could be fully converted. According to the concession formula calculation, the toll at the opening of A69 – which I do not wish for – will be 20 euros round trip. Who would pay 100 euros per week to use it? In order for it to be profitable, we would need 12,000 vehicles per day, but the projections only foresee a maximum of 7,000. As a result, the concession period has been set at 55 years instead of the usual 30. Moreover, it is a severe threat to biodiversity. This project belongs to another era, an ecological, economic, and likely financial absurdity.

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