Volley-ball : de bons indices pour l’Arago de Sète avant la reprise

The start of the championship is coming up this Saturday, October 21st against Tourcoing (6pm), following a rather convincing preparation.

This Saturday, the Barrou hall will finally welcome back its Arago team, who will be facing Tourcoing. This comes after a convincing preparation phase. The Sétois, who return undefeated from the Alès tournament, seem ready. « We have a higher level of confidence compared to last year, » confirms coach Luc Marquet. « And most importantly, we have been complete since the beginning. In Alès, I started with fourteen players and was able to field two major teams on Friday. The next day, Montpellier did not play with their starting lineup, but that gives us even more reason to win. We have good indicators, both physically and mentally. And since we didn’t completely overhaul the team, there were no major challenges. The integration of new players, including the young ones from the training center, went well, and the core group adapted quickly. »

Gros rythme

The newcomers are Célestin Cardin (setter), Manuel Gonzalez (receiving attacker), and Pépin Rajoharivelo (passer). These players have complete profiles and have quickly integrated into the team. This was necessary because we have a tough start with Tourcoing, a strong team, followed by a busy schedule. « The first thing to do will be to manage our freshness, as we have a crazy schedule that will make us play five times in fifteen days in November. The championship promises to be intense, with the same strong teams as always. We will see. But I am not convinced that big budgets make big teams. By the end of November, we will have more certainty. In any case, let’s not repeat last year’s mistakes and let’s earn points quickly. »

Le groupe

Passeurs : Matthieu Garcia et Pépin Rajoharivelo

Pointus : Célestin Cardin et Cheik Diop

Centraux : Ardo Kreek, Maximiliano Gauna et Danylo Hrytsenko

Réceptionneurs-attaquants : Juan Manuel Gonzalez Limon, Lisandro Zanotti, Timo Beriot et Tibo Rippert

Libéros : Romain Devèze et Mattéo Martino Gauchi

Entraîneur : Luc Marquet

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