When will we see the French national team wearing the Toulouse jersey again, featuring Dupont, Baille, Marchand, and others from Stade Toulousain?

l’essentielTen players from Toulouse took part in the World Cup with the French national rugby team. As for the coaching staff, there is no rush to bring them back. The decision will be made on a case-by-case basis.

The adventure of the Blues at the World Cup had just ended when the question was already on the minds of Stade Toulousain followers. When will the « red and black » internationals be back with their club? Well, the answer is far from simple and within the ranks of Stade Toulousain, it is only indicated that the return of each player will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

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One thing is certain, the ten Toulouse players who participated in the World Cup (Aldegheri, Baille, Cros, Dupont, Flament, Jaminet, Jelonch, Marchand, Mauvaka, and Ramos) are enjoying a well-deserved vacation this week and the following week. Each of them can manage the disappointment of losing in the quarter-finals in their own way. All the French players will undergo a check-up (physical and mental) with the Toulouse medical team before returning to their clubs. Knowing this, it seems unlikely that some of the French players will be playing in red and black for the resumption of the Top 14 on Sunday, October 29th against UBB. However, some players who had limited playing time (Marchand, Jaminet) might be granted an exception to be considered for selection.

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Certains sont déjà passés du côté d’Ernest-Wallon

Some players have already felt the need to visit Ernest Wallon at the beginning of the week, even though they are not training. Others prefer to recharge with their families. « Each person manages this disappointment as they wish, » explains someone within the staff. The staff will have until January 29th to distribute the accumulated weeks of delayed leave to their international players between the preparation and the World Cup period. « This will be decided as we have always done, on a case-by-case basis and according to the needs of the club. »

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What about the other international players?

Except for the Blues, four other players could make their return to the squad next week: Willis, Capuozzo, Arnold, and Ahki, all have previously played for the club. The first two mentioned, who were injured at the end of the World Cup, are recovering well and have returned to Toulouse. However, we will have to wait to see the Argentinians Mallia and Chocobares again, as well as to discover the All-Black Laulala. The three players will be facing each other this weekend in the semi-finals.

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