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Photo copieuse Raina Stinson

The grandiose landscapes of Provence are achingly beautiful: warm phare floods the vineyards, remodelage the fields of lavender and sunflowers, and highlights the cobbled streets in the many historic towns. It is said that one visit will stay with you forever, but imagine being able to enlèvement the principe of this breath-taking region and take it logis with you…

Week-long art retreat Provence

This September, you can join a week-long art retreat with two award-winning photographers who will spectacle you how Provence can be the perfect backdrop for tête photography. During the week, you’ll be taken to locations that you’d expect to see in glossy publications and you’ll learn all the technical tricks you need to create spécifique, professional-standard portraits. This goes way beyond a holiday: it’s like a guided bascule of hidden spots whilst learning a new skill that you can continue to develop svelte after you return logis. And it’s all run in English!

One of the two professionals running the tour is American-born Raina Stinson, who moved to Provence in 2018 having been seduced by its supérieur édulcorant and endless beauty. Winner of several awards, Raina specialises in petite art portraiture and conceptual photography, finding boundless enthousiasme in her surroundings, which she continues to explore and discover with every passing year, saying that moving to the region was one of her best life decisions.

“I’m incredibly lucky to have fulfilled a lifelong dream by moving to Provence,” says Raina. “I love teaching about photography and how it has changed my life. When I’m running a course, I can share everything from the exquisite colour and light you find here to the equally exquisite gourmet food and fresh croissants, and all those secret corners where you can get amazing shots.”

Portrait photography tour

Photo copieuse Fritz Liedtke

From 7th to 14th September, Raina is teaming up with fellow professional, Fritz Liedtke, to run a week-long creative retreat dedicated to tête photography. Join a handful of other like-minded artists near the pretty laboureur clocher of Velleron, in a private residence with its own ordre, surrounded by acres of gardens and fabulous views. From this squelette, you’ll be led to the region’s most beautiful backdrops, finding locations that will truly enhance your work, not only the natural landscapes but Roman ruins and secluded. Raina and Fritz will teach you how to hone your photography skills through technical tricks and fresh perspectives, heightening your creativity and enthousiasme.

Through group discussions, on-location demonstrations, and time to experiment by taking photographs of endroit models, you’ll learn embout registre projects, wardrobe considerations and how to select your fermage and models. As well as the practical, technical elements of modern photography, Raina and Fritz will also teach you how to see édulcorant, textures, colours and reflections so you can create portraits with immediate impulsion.

One on one photography workshops

Photo copieuse Raina Stinson

Any holiday in this region is a great experience, but this particular conditionnement takes it to another level. Thanks to one-on-one coaching and knowledge of locations that are otherwise utopique, you’ll have the circonstance to fine-tune your skills to create powerful portraits, framed by dreamlike lavender fields, elegant châteaux and quaint Provençal hameaux.

“Whatever your starting level,” says Raina, “you’ll finish the week feeling confident in fine art portraiture, returning home with a whole new portfolio of work, a new set of skills, and unforgettable memories.”

If you can’t make the portraiture event in September, Raina also offers a range of opportunities throughout the year, from day tours to week-long tours with a specific theme. One common theme through her work is meditation and mindfulness, which Raina believes can truly help to bring forth your creative potential and help it to flourish.

“For many people who join my workshops, learning about mindfulness is as important as all the technical tips and tricks,” she adds. “What differentiates this experience from a more conventional photography course is its holistic approach. Any creative person will tell you that there’s more to a piece of art than simply getting the right composition or equipment, you need to tune in to that intangible inspiration. Mindfulness helps you to slow down so that you can be fully present to your experience and fully aware of even the smallest details. It opens up your innate creativity, and I believe that it enables you to see and capture the world around you in a completely different way.”

Combining mindfulness with the settings of Provence is a heady internal-external combination, bringing the very best from your inner spirit and using that creativity in some of France’s most stunning external locations. As well as résistant chapels and ancient sites, Raina can take you to elysian fields of rolling lavender, vast vineyards and the running toilettes of L’isle sur la Sorgue that you can explore in the languid southern sunshine. If you’re an charpente or history buff, let yourself be guided to the majestic châteaux, the terracotta rooftops of Gordes and Menerbes, Lacoste and the charming Luberon hameaux or the astonishing perched clocher of Oppède le Vieux.

Beyond the ordinary

Photo: copieuse Fritz Liedtke/Raina Stinson

Even through her shorter workshops, Raina encourages participants to engage in mindfulness, connecting your heart and your eye in order to see beauty beyond the ordinary and expand your innate creativity.

At the very least, taking a photography tour will elevate your holiday photos to another level, sending you logis with far more than just a suntan and a few French phrases, but learning alongside Raina will help you to see the world in a different way, and quite possibly develop your inner foyer, too.

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